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Gentle, slow, mindful movement…

Each class is an opportunity to explore how your body moves, to discover ease and comfort rather than pushing your body past its safe range of motion into a particular shape, a pose.

Therapeutic Yoga is woven into each yoga class, where you’ll learn how to move and be with awareness, listening to your body to achieve benefits that may increase mobility and strength and improve balance.    


8-Weeks of Yoga Classes

Tues., Apr. 9 – Fri., May 31, 2024

In-person and Online Classes



Incremental Yoga

Kim Knight



Incremental Yoga may help you:

Increase mobility: flexibility, strength, balance, coordination…

  • Deepen self-awareness: movement, tension holding patterns, thoughts 
  • Reduce, dissolve stress & tension
  • Improve breathing for more energy, overall well-being, and increased sports performance
  • Calm the mind
  • Improve sleep
  • Increase circulation


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You are ready as you are, at your level of ability. If you’re not sure, give me a call and we’ll talk, or better yet, we’ll schedule a complimentary private session and you can give yoga a try.

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