Early Winter Yoga Series

Welcome to the Early Winter Yoga Series.
Full of mindful movement. Feel your full breath...

Keep it slow, keep it gentle.  If you can't breathe easy, dial it back a notch.

Old habits die hard. Be kind to yourself. Keep at it. Post reminder notes around the house, the office and in the car, whatever it takes. Eventually it starts to sink in, eventually you remember to line up your feet, hips back, head back...

Bringing awareness to and changing your alignment can be like having braces on your teeth - be patient and be calm in the knowing that changes are indeed happening.

Each class is an opportunity to explore how your body parts move or do not move. Learn how to move in better alignment, then take that 'better' to your life off of the mat and then... Move More.

I'd love to see you in my classes in the Early Winter Yoga Series... 

Kripalu - Hatha Yoga for all levels of ability.   Beginners welcome.
Class locations: Deep River
Point Alexander    -  Stonecliffe
Do the things you use to do.        
Live vibrantly!
Move More, Move Better
Workshops or Private Sessions - Learn new healthy patterns of alignment and movement to maintain your flexibility or to get you back to the activities that you are use to doing.

Enjoy ease of movement in your personal yoga practice. 

Clients take home a personalized program for on-going practice at home and are offered follow-up support.

These workshops may help you:

-Flow with strength & ease in Sun Salutations.
-Increase flexibility, balance, strength and mobility.
-Relieve or eliminate pain.
-Resolve ankle, knee, IT band, lower back, SI joint or wrist or shoulder issues.
-Dissolve tension and stress.
-Strengthen your Downward Facing Dog with stronger shoulders & wrists.
-Heal quickly from acute pain.
-Progress further in your yoga practice.

Private Sessions

Location: Incremental Yoga Studio
18 Bass Lake Road
Point Alexander
or in your home.




18 Bass Lake Road

Deep River, ON K0J 1P0


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